Write for Relief: Journal Companion

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This #blkcreatives journaling companion supports your journey to overall wellness, creative clarity, and creative freedom. Enjoy our 20+ page digital e-guide of writing prompts birthed by Black creators in our community. Let it serve as an opportunity to go inward and sit with yourself and what you truly need.
Key Features
  1. Guided Prompts: Navigate your internal world with carefully curated prompts that encourage introspection, self-discovery, and imaginative expression. Answer in whatever way you see fit: the pages of this e-book, voice notes, your journal, etc.

  2. Empowering Quotes: Find inspiration within the pages of this e-guide from real-life, practical quotes via compassionate Black voices. They provide a positive, motivating force as you work your way through the journal.

  3. A focus on Creative Wellness: Productivity is great but it's only sustainable when you nurture your overall well-being. The practical insight and prompts promote creative wellness which spills over into the other areas of your life. This journaling e-guide is a great opportunity for creativity and self-care, giving you a moment of relief.

PS. Here are a few Spotify playlists to write to and our relax and take notes list has some journaling tools just for you.